What is Copywriting? (and why it's the one business essential you never knew about)

Let's get one thing straight.

Copywriting has nothing to do with the little (c) symbol. And definitely nothing to do with copying someone else's work. Also, it's not about copying a specific kind of writing or typography - although, must be a cool way your brain works to come to that conclusion, so well done anyway...

No, in truth #copywriting is way less exotic and way less illegal than the majority of the above options...but copywriting is still one of the most essential services that every #business (from #startup to ) needs in today's content-dependent world.

Put simply: #copywriting is #business writing. Every kind of text or written piece you need for your website and your day to day operations is known as 'copy'. And if you've ever had the distinct pleasure of listening to even one bad infomercial, you'll know that there is a fine art to writing good copy. That art, ladies and gents, is called #copywriting.

Today more than ever, consumers have been conditioned to recognise and respond to quality #content and written materials. If we don't engage the reader within a few short moments, we may have lost the opportunity to make a sale, to build a relationship, or generate a lead. #Copywriting (and not just any #copywriting - good #copywriting) is essential to business success. It's the hidden secret that all successful organisations employ to ensure that they are visible to their #market, and genuinely engaging with the right following.

#Copywriting is often referred to as 'the secret profession'. That's because somewhere out there in a home office still in their pyjamas is a talented writer creating blogs for your calendar using your website's #keywords. Or maybe she's adjusting your website's #SEO to ensure that you're ranking high enough for the right kinds of keywords. Maybe she's developing the written materials for your in-house training or forms. Or maybe she's on her third cup of tea uploading a month's worth of your social media updates while waiting for the inspiration to strike on your next email newsletter.

Or maybe she's waiting for you to call now, for a free 20 minute consult about your general business copywriting needs. Go on. Do it. (Well, not exactly right now because that would be crazy...but do it).

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