What do businesses use a writer for?

Writing for business is one of those things we tend to do without noticing.

Think about it:

- Social media posts

- Your business email newsletter (eDM)

- Blogs (if you get time for them)

- General emails

- Training documents for your staff

- Presentations

- Reports for Managers and the general public

- A print newsletter for stakeholders

- Brochures and flyers

- Info booklets

- Ads

- Speeches

- Education sessions

- Press releases

- eBooks

...and the list goes on.

Most of us do it without noticing, which means we also don't notice how much time it takes in the process. Time that you could be using to build quality into your organisational practices, bring your team together, time for clients, time for forming new partnerships and following opportunities. Time that you never seem to have for the big picture of your organisation or business.

And that's the big reason why businesses use a writer. And it's the big reason why businesses need a writer they can trust. Someone who will know get to know you, your organisation and your brand, what you stand for, the message you want to communicate, and how your audience (or your clients and customers) think and act.

Businesses that use a writer end up with blogs that engage, training that works, emails that get clicks, print material that actually makes people stop and read it, and ultimately, resources that add value (not just volume) to the people they're reaching. A writer who can take the time to understand you, your message and your audience will build your credibility, and save you lots of headaches and late nights along the way.

Businesses use a writer for all kinds of reasons...what's yours?

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