The Power of the Written Word

Today something incredible happened.

It might not shake your world, but it most definitely rocked mine. Today as I sat down at my desk for the first time after getting my son off to school, I noticed a little paper aeroplane sitting there. Inscribed in (all but) illegible boy scrawl were the words "Mum I Love You". My very first ever spontaneous love note from my boy.

Heart. Melted.

For all you gooey sentimentalists out there, I have said enough. But for the ones who remain yet to be convinced, let me tell you about the power of the written word, and how it can gain you credit with your followers and target market.

You see, words don't just communicate, words bring inspiration. Words have the power to help us access thoughts, emotions and sensations buried deep in the back of our minds...and it's those aspects of our humanity that actually connect to our motivation centres. Information is one thing, and most certainly has its place. But inspiration is entirely another.

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The little paper aeroplane got me thinking about just how powerful a little inspiration can be. I instantly forgot my 3am awakening to a sopping bed, wet pyjamas and soaked mattress. The tiredness from my fourth load of washing for the day faded away. And the pile on my to-do list seemed all the more achievable.

What would happen if we communicated this way in our businesses and organisations a little more? Can we gain influence with clients, customers, and followers if we decide to stop trying to boss people with information overload, and connect over a little spontaneous inspiration instead? Is it really possible to effect change with the power of the written word?

Let's do it.

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