How health writing can make you sick - and what you can do about it

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Yes, you heard. Sick!

You might not get a rash, or break out in hives… but writing for your health or medical business is something that you get sick and tired of pretty quickly.

Blogs, social media, the website, newsletters - it never ends! As a business owner it can sometimes feel like the content demand of the Google monster is insatiable (come to think of it, being insatiable can’t be healthy, we should probably refer Google to a Dietitian).

The problem is us health professional types don’t really enjoy being chained to a desk. And after all, you didn’t start your own practice so you could be stuck writing copy all day, right?

You started your practice to help people and create the lifestyle you love, and to help people live healthy lives too. So if health writing is making you sick, perhaps it’s time to give it the flick.

But it’s not all that easy.

Someone has to write those words.

And not just any ‘someone’. You’ve got to use the ‘Goldilocks quotient’ to find the right someone - not too boring, not too slow, not too perfectionist, not too high maintenance. But where do you find them? You hired your team because they’re brilliant therapists, leaders, and administrators, not because they ‘wordsmith’ on the side.

Don’t worry though, all is not lost! Unlike the dreaded COVID-19, there’s a cure for what ails your weary soul. You need therapy. Word Therapy.

As an allied health professional turned writer, I know how to communicate effectively to stakeholders, and I love doing it. As you groan over your next blog topic, my brain is smiling in seventeen different directions. And so you see, your poison is, in fact, my cup of tea!

If writing for your health, medical or community services business is making you sick and tired, find the cure, and get some Word Therapy today. Call 0402 527 629, or book a free 30 minute discovery session - and let’s get your written content on the road to perfect health.

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