Health businesses fall into 3 content pitfalls - which one are you in?

Don't have a content plan? Struggling to gain traction with your website or blog? Without guidance, health providers usually fall into three different categories:


The business is all set with a sparkling new logo and a shiny new website.

It looks great, but there's no ongoing planning for content, how to maximise your website functionality, or how to keep stakeholders and potential clients or referrers informed.

PITFALL: Yes, your website looks great, but it won't stay great for long. Websites are like gardens. They need maintenance and care over time. This helps the content stay fresh, relevant, and in keeping with current events and trends. And it's not just site users who notice when things get a bit stale... Google notices too, and it hurts your search engine result ranking.

FIX: Start out as you mean to go on. Did you just hire someone to refresh your website? Now is the perfect time to consider what budget you can put towards some regular content, whether in-house or outsourcing. Just make a plan before the shine wears off.


It's been a while since you updated your Linked In, and let's not even get started on the website... you paid for it in 2009, but it's looking outdated, and you definitely haven't refreshed patient resources or the 'About Us' page since then.

PITFALL: Users notice very quickly when your website is out of date, and it doesn't do very good things for your credibility.

FIX: A blog is a simple, easy way to keep content fresh. Even if you don't have the time to update every page of your site that regularly, at least your blog will add regular, fresh resources and valuable content to your site. This keeps site users engaged, and search engines happy.


This one speaks for itself.

Many providers are so busy with clinical work, admin, or new business opportunities and ideas, that online presence just goes out the window.

Maybe you're wondering what it takes to have a strong presence in this space, but have no idea where to begin.

PITFALL: Having an online presence used to be optional. But these days, if you're not online it can really make potential clients wonder if you're serious, or if you're up to date with the latest practices. You know you're on the edge of evidence and best practice, but if no one else does, how will they know you mean business?

FIX: Start simple. Get your Linked In sorted, and if you're trying to connect direct with the public, get your Facebook Page up and running. It's just important to start. Once you're on the wagon, set aside some funds for a website - P.S. I can recommend a couple of brilliant Web Designers who will make it look fabulous.

Wherever you're at in your marketing journey, get clarity about how to advertise your health and medical services, ethically and simply. For a free 30 minute consult, book here - no obligations, just a clarifying chat about what you need to move forward in strength.

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